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    :wtf: sad news rock fans, ronny dio died in LA yesterday at age 67.:sniff:
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    57 Chevy silver used front wing louvers. Fixing studs have been cut off. £5 55 - 57 wheel well rubber bung. £1 SBC new sump £20 Can take to the swop meet.
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    There I was , Cruising SLOWLY @ about 50mph , On the way back from meeting Billy F Gibbons @ the " Goodwood Souped up Sunday " Breakfast monsoon -sorry - Breakfast meet , Freak Show developed a bit of a vibration like driving on rumble strips , I stopped and checked wheel nuts , suspension...
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    A Million pound Car, A Pelican And A Lagoon A Lufkin, Tx man drove his 1million £ Bugatti sports car into a Galveston, Tx-area lagoon after being distracted by a pelican. nice how they left it in gear or had the handbrake on and just dragged it ! i thought wrapping the chains around the...
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    This time featuring Tanner in the 'bagged' Chevy truck and an unknown lunatic with heavy feet! Two very cool trucks that get very used. :tup:
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    Well I must say that im glad it not only me that get's it wrong sometimes This happened today :sniff: (for the owner ) :pmsl: (yeah rite) Im not saying our roads are bad BUT I drive a hi-rider m8
1-6 of 6 Results