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  1. What, Where, When ?
    Hi all, sorry its short notice but there is an open day at Brookspeed International in Southampton on this coming sunday (18-4) the owner is a total petrolhead and loves everything on 2 and 4 wheels, all details are on his website, you can even put your car on the dyno if you...
  2. Tech Discussion
    OK - an odd request. For reasons known only to my daft brain, I wish to convert a Pop rear axle to open drive like folks do with Model A and V8 rear banjo axles. I don't want to use a 100E back axle because (here comes the daft bit), I wish to retain the mechanical brakes. BTW, this is going...
  3. History Archive
    Just found these, everything else in the album's from '81 so I'm assuming that's when it was. Anyone else go, think it might've been to tie in with the move to Burr road? The Mustang in the foreground was meant to be a racecar for Capital Radio DJ Mike Allen I think. Alphabet Alex's A coupe in...
  4. On Topic
    Need an exhaust manifold gasket (or a pair) for the Zodi... Forgot all about the old girl with the excitement of the Pop working...:shake:
  5. On Topic
    Just to let you know, Certain areas of the MMA board are now open again for non members to read. I know some of you Chevy boys really missed it:incheek:
  6. On Topic
    I have been in touch with El Landlord and he's given me permission to announce that the Mopar Muscle Association Message Board is open again to non members, after being locked down just prior to the Mopar Euronationals. So if you need a fix of Mopar Muscle, you are welcome to pop in and have a...
  7. What, Where, When ?
    Coventry Aitrport's Classic Flight will be having an open weekend, this weekend September 26th and 27th. We've been asked if we could organise a few cars to attend. Usually you park on the concrete amongst the classic planes. Entry is free if you're in your 'interesting' car. A number of us...
  8. On Topic
    Anyone know what time gate opens for Sunday cars ? Cheers Ken. p.s. At the Nats.
  9. What, Where, When ?
    power engineering are having a charity day in uxbridge on 24th april from 12 midday there will be drag displays, dyno power runs, show and shine , bbq and raffle!! all proceeds taken from bbq and raffle will be going to the teenage cancer trust:tup: all cars welcome to show up and shine on...
  10. On Topic
  11. On Topic password is chelsea
  12. Chat
    Well, to those of you with 100 or more posts under your belt anyhow :D Please use this section for anything that you feel may offend if posted on general areas of the site (i.e. close to the line jokes, pictures etc.). It's a free for all (as long as the content is legal) and please venture in...
  13. Chat
    Popped over to ASL in Smarden Kent today as Ash was having a bit of a open day with FREE BBQ :tup: weather was kind to him and he had a good turnout with some nice rods on show. Cheers ASH :tup: [
  14. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone know how much would be involved in converting a open drive quickchange to a closed one, or even have the parts to do it??
  15. Stuff - WANTED
    I am looking for a couple of parts for my '32 setup: 6 spline open drive conversion kit for '39/40 rear axle Pete & Jake Ladder Bar Kit - Fits '37-48 Ford Axle with tapered housing What have you got? Fell free to PM me.................. Thanks Michael
1-15 of 15 Results