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    its a question ive been pondering for a while so you tell me ? So when i was young a hot rod was a roof chopped A - B model sedan etc rusty loud and (a turn on :D) but lately ive been calling my mk3 cortina a hotrod .. so what is the defined word hot rod is it somethink made to go quicker...
  2. On Topic
    what shall i do with the rear plate of the chevy? mount it on the rear bumper like this, possible with a guard of some sort? or french it in here? I can't make my mind up
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    The latest technology from Chrysler, the shape of things to come perhaps? As a transmission part, I'd like to know what Red Victor makes of it.
  4. Tech Discussion
    I already have my view on this but I'd like some other experienced engine builders to give me their opinions please . If starting a totally rebuilt engine with a new cam ,with followers made from TOOL STEEL ,using a 10/40 SJ grade oil ( low zddp content ) in an engine originally designed for a...
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    Okay, bidding has just finished on EBay for my Impala (item No. 180401254533). I started the price at £4500, a reserve of £5500 and a Buy It Now of £6000. There were 66 watchers & only two bids.... I've described the car fairly well in the advert and in my mind a genuine Impala that is rust...
1-5 of 5 Results