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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi, after my recent scarey moment where the bottom rad hose spectacularly blew off puking coolant everywhere. I'm wondering if it's better to set it up to have more chance of blowing pressure out the rad cap overflow before the pressure's enough to blow a hose off!?. OK, the hose may well...
  2. On Topic
    Looking to buy some 215/75 and 235/75 15" radial narrow band white walls, what are the tyre options out there? Found American Classics at North Hants at 128 & 134 respectively, any cheaper brands out there? Thanks Gotzy
  3. Tech Discussion
    Well I had always had in mind getting rid of the injection system on my van, it's under powered and gobbles fuel for the size of engine. Now I'm not arsed about the fuel economy, but there must be more horses in there! Now after a good chat with Eadys autos, simply swapping for carbs is a nono...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Howdy, OK, I got Capri 2.8i front struts (245 vented) with 5 stud billet hub conversions. The calipers hit the hub as it's a lot thicker than stock. Already sent them back and had them trimmed back but the calipers still don't friggin go on. I'm right outta cash so need to resolve this as...
1-4 of 4 Results