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  1. History Archive
    here are some clips and photos from the Outlaws rod and drag club charity picnics, those that attended managed to help raise just over nine thousand pound for Cancer reaserch uk over the 5 years that we have run this event.
  2. On Topic
    Due to the loss of venue and time restraints we have decided that the Outlaws Picnic will not happen this year,We are at present trying to find an alternative venue for next years event. The Outlaws Rod and drag club would also like to thank everyone who has attended the five events at...
  3. What, Where, When ?
    4th December 2010, ticket only event, in London Colney,Herts, party,, raffle great event. was a blast this year so here is plently of notice for next years. Numbers will be limited due to size of venue unfortunately. Tickets £10 each 7.30 til late. Russ 07980 416785.
  4. On Topic
    What a night Thanks to all the guys that made it from North(Great dancing Bry)south,east,west that made it down:tup: Bry got this picture which Northern rodder was it:D See you soon Stu
  5. Chat
    anybody from here going????
  6. Chat
    1st sunday,?? I have seen several pops headed by a 300E out for a drive in the Hemel/Berko area, its the second time I have seen the convoy, possibly, on the 1st sunday last month, heading out towards Aylesbury, is there a sunday meet on around this area????
  7. On Topic
    Heres a few for starters Pete Stiles (Flamon black A) My daughter on the right, her mate in the middle and my cousin on the left, I laugh my tits off...
  8. On Topic
    I know there's plenty on the other channel on this do.but just got to say,what a great day of fun-even with the showers,well done all the Outlaws boys n gals,brilliant,Bry
  9. What, Where, When ?
    The Outlaws Rod and Drag club are having a Hot Rod night at the Swan Pub on Sat 5th September ,there will be BBQ and live music by (The Montgomery music makers) ,and plenty of parking for Rods/customs and yanks. "HAVING FUN LIKE IT USED TO BE" The Swan Bedmond Road Pimlico (Hemel Hempstead)...
  10. What, Where, When ?
    can anyone confirm this??? aint it normaly in august? is there a date set yet?:mooooh:
1-10 of 10 Results