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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    My Brother Stu had these to fit on his 57 but never happened ,then I was going to see if I could convert them to my Mk2 Zephyr or my sons Amazon but two things made me stop. 1 They are a bit long for both our cars and I would have to modify both cars too much. 2 They were special order from Spax...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Are Spax coil over's rebuild-able ................. as the ones i borrowed of the Mrs Pop for the Consul seem to be leaking :whistle: And dont want to throw them away if i can rebuild them (& Dont want my nutz hacked off either) :tup:
  3. Tech Discussion
    Lookin at maybe sticking adjustable coil overs on the mk3 cortina set up on my Consul..anyone ever heard of such a thing..?
  4. Tech Discussion
    Nearly have all the parts now for the Morris Viper and the one thing I'm short of that I'm going to buy soon are the coilovers for both the mustangII IFS and the 9" 4 Bar and then Wayne can get cracking with the first stage of the build. Any one had any experience with good / bad makes, models...
1-4 of 4 Results