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    Found again on a disc, when owned by robbie sterling. A scanned copy of the very first time it was featured in custom car. And a few pics of when I had. If new owner is interested
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    Who is now the the owner of this, the reason I ask is I was going thru my picture discs and found all the pics from the last time it was featured in classic american
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    Saw it in Ashby Leisure centre carpark today:
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    Anyone know who owns this truck, and how much they want for it. Spotted it for sale at Harpenden the other night. It was very well put together looking totally stock whilst running a 340 Mopar lump and a front clip.
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    I've been reading on the Trad Speed and Kustom forum some great tales of rodding and racing in So-Cal in the early Sixties by a guy called Dean Lowe who is a member there. Dean used to race a '28-29 Model A Roadster Pick-up in B/SR with a very quick Corvette motor and competed at the early...
1-5 of 5 Results