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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    ford p100 (cortina shape) rear axle 59" wide ratio 4.375:1 comes with u-bolts mounts prop end shocks wheel nuts handbrake cable removed from a 46 chevy truck, as he needed a narrower axle for his wide wheels. passed an mot before it was removed, feb 2010( so brakes work as they should) £120...
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    SOLD Thanks all :tup: Just testing the water here but I'm looking to sell my trusty Ford P100 pick-up in the near future as I'm regularly doing 400 mile motorway trips with work and I fancy something a little more suitable for commuting in comfort ! Its a J reg ('91) Sierra shape in white ...
  3. Tech Discussion
    I know this is a question about my daily but as I also know a few people use these axles under rods I figured I'd ask . Went to change the shoes in my Ford P100's rear drums the other day and hit bit of a problem . On taking the wheel off I saw that it looks like the drum is secured by the...
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    For Sale Ford P100 Essex V6 powered with T5 gearbox, I have owned this pickup over 24 years it has never been used in the UK from when I left South Africa in November 1990 all numbers are correct original engine and gearbox as fitted by Ford SA, the original colour I never liked so I totally...
  5. Vehicles - WANTED
    Hi everyone, i'm a newbie here, I'm trying to locate a decent P100 Cortina, I have seen the odd one go on eBay but have been very rusty, If anyone spots one in their travels please drop me an email, I'm happy to pay a fair price for one. I can find them rust free in South Africa with a 3ltr but...
  6. The Garage
  7. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Model: ford p100 pickup Year: 1991 Tax: no MOT: no Location: colchester Price: £250 Additional Information: reduced to £100 without engine or box hmm, where to start with this one. well, its another random project laying around I don't really need. bed is in excellent nick, as is tailgate...
  8. Tech Discussion
    will ford p100 5 stud hubs fits onto my cortina uprights and is the stud pattern sane as granada 5 stud thank you
  9. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    good shell and chassis has a made up buck doors and wings need work inner wings look good no gearbox has 1.6 pinto if required or can supply various engines to suit, on original rolling stock £550.00
  10. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Good condition PM for all details £745.00 I'm in Aldershot
  11. Chat
    Hi Folks, has anybody seen a silver P100 Pro street it was on ebay a little while ago if any body now's how the owner is i would like to get in touch with him
  12. The Showroom
    Hi folks, Iam looking for the owner of a silver pro street P100 which was for sale on ebay,same time ago has any body seen it and how is owner of it know Ray A
1-12 of 12 Results