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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Rolls-Royce Paint - most cellulose, some 2 pack. Paint codes and More info on request. 25 litre Brooklands racing green x2 Satin Pink x1 5 litre Nutmeg Brown Metallic x3 Magnolia x2 Larkspur Metallic x1 Grey x1 Windsor Blue Metallic x2 Ice Green Metallic x2 Chrome Yellow x1 Royal Turqoise x3...
  2. Tech Discussion
    hi everyone just wondering where is a good place to get a really good paint job done, i want to get, eventually when iv finished my T, a realistic flame paint job done either side, want it done properly as iv seen some flame jobs done on some rods and it really doesnt look that good, but when...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    5 litre tins in light grey. i've got a few of these left over. £15 each. It's a light grey colour floor paint suitable for garages. Not really suitable for industrial or commercial use, but good enough for a home garage. Collection from Peterborough. Here is some modelled in my garage:
  4. On Topic
    Came across these pics from a show over in Saskatoon, Canada, Sure is some WILD paint!
  5. Tech Discussion
    just sprayed my lads bumper in base coat ,can i flat it befor aplying clear coat as these are a couple of bits of dust on it ,if so what grade paper do i use thanks
  6. Tech Discussion
    Any one used it on vinyl car seats?, does it last & were should it be purchased from? thanks
  7. Tech Discussion
    hi there i am looking for either someonr to touch up my 67 chrysler or a complete spray job with everything sorted. ie cut out the rot and sidcup kent area...i am looking for rear window seal for the car as the ine fitted aint stock..thanks jim 07855 465 362 or email me...
  8. Tech Discussion
    Pretty much as the thread title says really, which car manufacturers paint is the brightest White do you think? just wondered cuz me new motor is limbering up for paint and im looking to paint the body as white as i can up to the bottom of the window pillars and windscreen with contrasting...
  9. Tech Discussion
    The powdercoating on the wire wheels of my trike (see below) has seen better days. The main problem is some areas of rust bubbling following a winter arctic circle rally - the roads were heavily salted. I'm thinking of wire brushing the rust bubbles (they are particularly around the spokes)...
  10. On Topic
    what colour is best suited? I have a feeling porsche guards red is the one, but not certain any suggestions? got a pair of wheels to touch up.
  11. On Topic
    Back in the day you could buy white rubber paint for touching up your lettering on your Grabbers or BFG's. There was also a large pen type thing that could do the job, i remember doing some tyres years ago with it. However after much looking , suprise, suprise i can't find any. Any ideas where...
  12. On Topic
    Heyho chaps. I'm hoping to get my car into the bodyshop in the not to distant future to have a few isssues resolved and this puts me in a unique position for the first time. I have the chance to have my car painted whatever colour/colours I want. Now this is where hopefully you guys can help...
  13. Chat
    I want to do this sort of paint job on my 67 Hornet. I no it has a name but i just can`t seem to think of it.
  14. Stuff - FOR SALE
    The first one is off a riley rm, but needs re laquering £30 This is a model y one which is complete with column and steering box which also needs laquering £40, i can post the wheels alone for cost of postage. Also 3 2.5 litre tins of floor paint which are new and unopened, 2 are dark blue...
  15. The Shelf
    Heard a rumour that "TAMIYA PAINTS" are no longer being imported due to still having lead in them. Source:- our local model shop. Has anyone else heard this? :shocked::shocked::shocked:
  16. Tech Discussion
    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post :) I'm currently lightly modifying my 1098 Moggy A series engine (probably minuscule engine compared to other posters here!) and have a few questions re painting the engine... Having read other posts I gather that epoxy primer, 2 pack...
  17. Tech Discussion
    Which is better for engine parts, chassis etc???? I know the custom bike guys use powdercoating a lot. Was just wondering what others in the rod scene think is best
  18. Tech Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a spray for my headers? I've used Hycote VHT aluminium spray on them previously and baked them in the oven as advised but it started flaking within a few months. Cheers
  19. Tech Discussion
    Hey People, What's a decent paint stripper for automotive use? I've read somewhere that the Nitromor (green) has was in it to protect wood and isn't ideal for metal, any truth in it? Cheers Gotzy
1-19 of 47 Results