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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys, anybody got any decent advice on engine painting? I know you can use engine enamel, but I've seen body colour matched blocks in yank mags, but cannot find any info on how to apply it, (and make it stay on!). Anyhow ANY advice on engine painting would be appreciated, as my only...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Probably been on here a thousand times, do you need heat resistant paint to paint an engine? Can I use cellulose or regular water based paint?
  3. Tech Discussion
    Got two engines I'm assembling - one is ali one is iron. Thinking about painting both of them and this isn't somehting I've done before. What do I need to know? How clean do I have to get the blocks (some of the nooks and crannies don't bear thinking about)? Do you need a primer? I want...
  4. Chat
    I am looking to repaint my crash helmet. I have checked and it is the right type to be painted. I am hoping to paint 2 x stripes from front to back, anybody got any advice on how I can achieve this and get them in the middle and even. First go at this so any help would be great. Thanks in...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Quick q's Do you need to primer the engine first ? If so, what primer ? Will any paint work or has it got to be the High Temp stuff ? Engine is a 351C if that makes any difference :tup: Cheers
  6. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED Doing it in my spare time at the moment. Jeff
  7. Chat
    THANK YOU to all who took time to post a reply or comment on my macth stick models i am humbled thank you all so here is just a tastar of my painting's hope you all enjoy them
  8. Tech Discussion
    Just got home from where we keep our truck, having spent the evening putting acid etch primer on some of our suspension parts (axles, shackles etc), and bonnet. Whilst spraying, I noticed that the gun is kinda going '... puh, puh, puh ...' as though there isn't enough paint getting through...
1-9 of 9 Results