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  1. The Garage
    Hi all, this is my attempt at a Hod Rod (although, tecnically, I'm building it for the wife). It is The Cop Rod! Started life as a simple 1987 1.8 VW Passat CL. The guy who had it before me added some dreadful 17" alloys but dropped the suspension nicely. It had rotten front doors so we changed...
  2. Freebies
    Front & rear VW Passat seats, from a 1998 saloon. Grey velour, really good condition, just need a clean. Be great in a truck, 4 door, rod ect. Or even for just putting in your garage & falling over :incheek: Be in the skip at the weekend, if nobody wants them. Collect from near Bluewater, Kent.
  3. Chat
    passat goes to the moon !!! revisited had my passat for about 5 years now as my work wagon and i do alot of miles in it , so had to take a pic when the speedo clocked up to this bizare number !!!!!!!!! yes that is 234 k !!!!! the only advert i know that is correct " if only everything was as...
  4. Freebies
    Front & rear Passat seats from a P reg, er Passat. Really good condition, nice & big & comfy. Grey velour. Maybe suit a pick up or sedan or just put them in your shed !! Collect from Kent.
1-4 of 4 Results