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    .... the MoT this morning! Hired a Leyland recovery truck (the £100 it cost for the day was probably the total value of the bloody thing, the speedo read 30mph higher than it should!). Loaded the Impala up eventually (low cars look good but are a pain in the arse to load...) and set off in the...
  2. Chat
    Hey All, I finally passed the SVA today at the 3rd attempt. 1st fail was 26 items, 2nd fail was my speedo and side mirror which couldn't be tested the 1st time because the car broke down, so I'm the proud owner of a Ministers Approval Certificate. Hurray. Thanks to everyone who gave me...
  3. On Topic
    Well it passed its MOT with flying colours, running fenderless aswell, been out for a blast in it , everything seems to be OK, apart from a small oil leak, which looks easy to sort Craig
  4. History Archive
    Just read on NSRA Chet Herbert has pased away. Sad news. Another famous name gone. Condolences to his Family.
1-4 of 5 Results