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  1. The Showroom
    does anyone know where these are now these are in the order i owned them got the van first and wish i still had it :sniff: then my 318 mopar powered minor my pro street scimitar and my austin ruby was a lot in a small package !!
  2. History Archive
    I took this pic of a PA in gold flake as a kid, maybe 30 years ago...just popped up on ebay!
  3. History Archive
    How many hot rod Clubs have there been in the Uk over the years and how many are still active today, post your Logo,s / Banners from past and present. Gade Valley Custom Club (not active now) a reunion a few years ago by some of the original members Outlaws Rod and Drag Club (active )
  4. History Archive
    My mk2 daimler hemi at Thruxton circuit show. My V dub was teenage days, moggy van and zodiac in my 20's. Chelsea cruise days were regular then. The Fairmont and Cobra I had in the '80s.
  5. On Topic
    here are some more pics from the past , not shore were they were taken
  6. On Topic
    Hi here are some more old photos , i have tryed to remember the years ?? Pic 1 Rally of Giants 1984 Pic 2 Christmas time Croyden 1976-77 Pic 3 Lazy Sunday 1978-79 Pic 4 Un Known , Could be Bromley pagent 1976-77-78 Pic 5 Un Known , Could be Bromley pagent 1976-77-78
  7. History Archive
    Just found this on You tube, great footage of the old days. Please post your old pic's and videos and tell us your stories from days gone by......
  8. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    This thread is dedicated to the Spirit of the 50's, the iconic cars from the past and anyone who had a yank, a rod or Kustom car that was featured on TV or in a Pop video. Did you have your car on film....... Dig out all your old vid's, get them on "you tube" and get them posted here...
  9. History Archive
    I thought after seeing another thread, it might be good to put pictures up of some of the old cars we have had, just to see if anyone on here has owned before or after you did. I will start. My 1st T Project. Sold approx 2005/6 2nd T project. Sold last year went Gt Yarmouth way. 2 litre...
  10. History Archive
    Lil Nick was owner of one if not thee best 1st gen camaro 68, it's moved on a bit now in the hands of Danny Cockrill, however for "Lil Wopper" in green and Cragars. what's your fav ?
1-10 of 10 Results