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    Hi i'm looking for a 1950s period motor and trans to drop into my Mercury. I have looked at early hemis but 10-12 to the gallon make me think twice. I've thought about nailheads but am coming around to a 60's 327 with tri power mated to a manual or auto box. I may even consider putting a nice...
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    Whats the correct tyres to run on a gasser style car that would have raced in 1964? and are they available now?
  3. History Archive
    About 12 years ago i was taken to this old Ford Main Dealers garage ... Spry's its out in the middle of nowhere & it would seem that they just went home oneday !!! well as it happens they moved into town & are still going today :tup: i was told that when they went parts had even been left on...
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    The manufaturers of Tampax have just made a festive marketing statement - "Tampax are removing the string and replacing it with tinsel - this is for the Christmas period only"
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    i thought of an idea that may to help with "ugly" dragster/race car support vehicle problem? know them white vans and people carriers.... being in the way of the cars on the strip when spectaters are taking pics, and blocking the view of fans wanting to see the track action at the...
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    Slightly odd request, but here goes. My car has been built in the style of a 60's high school car. The sort of car that dad passed onto his son when he got a new car. Son then lowered it, fitted some decent wheels & generally drove the tyres off it while using it to travel to high school...
1-6 of 6 Results