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    I think its time that we perhaps had a thread for those looking for Love.:?: I'll start...... Wanted a tall well-built woman with good reputation, who can cook frogs legs, who appreciates a good fuc- schia garden, classic music and tal- king without getting too serious. Interested...
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    I want to wish EVERYBODY a very, very happy christmas and a wonderful new year!!!!:D:D:D:D HEALTH and HAPPINESS and everything else comes along with it!:D My son is not coming home this christmas so my wifer and I are going to spend 3 hours at the local old peoples home this afternoon:)....a...
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    hi guys,i have just brought a personal reg for my urrggh, ford escort work car,do i need to put the plate that is on there now on retention before i put my personal on the car ?anybody help plse?,pete
1-3 of 3 Results