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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    None of my batteries i the garage are holding their charge. I don't really want to pay £50 for a new one for a car i'll only get to drive probably once every few weeks. It's for my mk2 Cortina 1600. Something close to Peterborough would be ideal.
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    5 litre tins in light grey. i've got a few of these left over. £15 each. It's a light grey colour floor paint suitable for garages. Not really suitable for industrial or commercial use, but good enough for a home garage. Collection from Peterborough. Here is some modelled in my garage:
  3. Chat
    After reading the thread about area meets, I thought it would be good to bet people in the Peterborough and surrounding areas to meet up. I was looking at possibly a monthly or weekly meet depending on replies. Firstly:- Who would be interested in this? Secondly:- Can anyone suggest a location...
  4. On Topic
    Walking around yesterday I could not help to think that instead of a wedding show in the adjacent hall they held say a primer palace with cars usually seen at the Hayride,Hemsby and the like and some Rock-A-billy bands the place would been packed all weekend .I love the idea of bib but without...
  5. Chat
    Hi All, :tup:These are the pics i took today, might have to load them a few at a time as computer seems to be running slow, probably needs a service :lol: Cheers. Russ.
  6. Chat
    Hi All, Here are some of the pictures I snapped today at Peterborough, batteries ran out on my camera so had to resort to my mobile for some, so the quality may vary, bit of a picture fest. :tup: Enjoy:- All for now, but more to come. :cool::tup: Cheers, Stu.
  7. On Topic
    Hi All, Some pics from Peterborough friday evening More to follow loading slowly for some reason. Cheers. Russ.
  8. On Topic
    Anybody been to peterborough show today. Would love to see whats there. Have a bet with a friend that the Rocket will win BiB, so please tell me its there
  9. On Topic
    Several people have been asking for more details of the custom car show this weekend, the promotors have not appeared to have done a great job of letting punters know the important stuff, like where it is? entry cost? opening times? Neil Rodgers passed these details to me today; the east of...
  10. Chat
    Whos going then...... anyone here showing their car? I always liked the Doncaster show [which this replaces] and have showed cars there a few times. I'm going but not showing anything this year as done the last two with the T.
  11. On Topic
    any one know the gate entrance price for the show?
  12. Chat
    any body from the area know any guest houses near the showground as a mate could do with somewhere to kip while at said show????
1-13 of 13 Results