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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    SOLD /Ford 2 litre pinto engine and 5 speed box / SOLD here i have my 2 litre pinto engine and box was running when i took from my p100! fully dressed, it has a webber carb, k&n with inlet manifold, coil is there with all ht leads, exhaust manifold is there, both engine mounts, alternator...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Yesterday my daily let me down, never normaly a problem, just turn key and off I go. Well when I turned the key to start it felt like it had seized up or the timing was way to far advanced. Tried to be positive and thought lets take the starter out and test, I knew it was engaging the flywheel...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi what would cause petrol to squirt out of the hole on the side of the top part of a holleymechanical fuel pump. Have taken it off but there is no split or anything wrong with the diaphram that i can see. Any thoughts please Best Neil
  4. Chat
    On another site I use that has members all over the world. Someone started a thread asking what can you buy for $1. From the replies that came in it would seem that we here in blighty pay the most by far. Just wondering if fuel is more expensive elsewhere.
  5. Tech Discussion
    Im needing my tank modified But before i jump in and start .................... paying for it to be done Is there any way i can do it myself with a cork gasket ? or Is there a ford model that i could find a tank for which would fit ? I need to move the tank to the middle of the boot area...
  6. Chat
    i receved this in an e-mail feel free to pass it on . PETROL PRICES - PLEASE READ AND JOIN!!! We are hitting 114.9 a litre in some areas now, soon we will be faced with paying 1.50 a ltr. Philip Hollsworth offered this good idea: This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the 'don't buy...
  7. On Topic
    OK I know I'm a twat....a mahoosive twat....yep I fell out of the twat tree, hit every twat branch on the way down and landed in the twat puddle....then went up for a second go!!!! went to the Griff do this morning then popped out in the rod to get Jay a new tent.....putting £30s worth of juice...
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Petrol pressure washer with 6.5 hp HONDA engine a massive 200bar -2940 psi comes with lance and 4 different nosles and a water pump on the back Its on a frame with wheels and easy and compact for pushing around. Cost around £1000 when new, Ive used it for 5 mins hence it been immaculate now need...
  9. On Topic
    any one else collect petrol pumpg globes garsge signs etc :lol:
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    remote control sprint car for sale CAR IS 3 FEET BUMPER TO BUMPER 1 foot 6 across 1 foot 6 without the roof fin 23 cc 2 stroke engine custom exhausts coil over shocks all round alloy 2 part wheels will do 35-40 mph will need radio gear £350 ono
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi All, I am looking for an SU petrol pump, preferably off a jag, rover or the like. A mini, moggy 1000, 1100/1300 one is no good as cant move enough fuel. Anything out there. Cheers. Russ. 07762 - 747643.
  12. Tech Discussion
    Screw in fuel fittings, should I use PTFE tape? I've asked it before but can't remember.
  13. Tech Discussion
    About three years ago I had to use one of those plastic emergency petrol caps on my Moto Guzzi California II. I'd left the proper one at a filling station. Doh! Anyway, a few days later when the replacement arrived, I tried to remove the emergency cap. It was right wedged in and when I...
  14. Cool Thread Archive
    Just thought this might be an interesting thread to kick off. I love such films as American Graffiti with those fantastic cars, but I just wanted to find out what other great films are out there that are worth a look such as For more details abount these films, here is a useful link...
  15. On Topic
    We can all save the ozone, They do it!:pmsl:
  16. Tech Discussion
    any one know what thread the outlet boss is?? allso the hole thats drilled in the tank body looks to be about 6mm! dont seem big enough! is it? yorkie
  17. Tech Discussion
    Please can anyone advise if there is much of a difference between these two products. Currently I am using Millers, but at the weekend I spotted this in Halfords, which for the amount of fuel it treats is about a third of the cost, but I am not sure if it is also an octane booster. Its not so...
  18. Tech Discussion
    whats the best idea to clean/flush an old tank? its been dry /empty for years same thing with a radiator?
  19. Chat
    Did I miss something or have petrol prices gone up with no explanation and no complaints or protest?
1-19 of 21 Results