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    Nowt to do with cars at all, just a proud dad ... Ok, a little background to these. Last Thursday i was asked by the camera club to take my little studio setup down and show them how it worked and let them try a few shots with it. So i asked Amy my daughter if she fancied coming with me and...
  2. History Archive
    Some photo,s of 1990 door slammers and various others taken at the pod.
  3. Chat
    Just a few picks of todays Easter Bonnet Parade....We Had a Enjoyable Afternoon, Top Class Motors and plenty of grub :smoke:......Enjoy!!:tup::tup:
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    pictures of old garages / petrol stations wanted for private collection .thanks for looking :bigsmile: spider
  5. On Topic
    Can any one help me,I would like a photo of an Amazon Volvo 2dr if poss, Building a mild Kustom with my boy Andrew (13)Lowered ,Frenched lights,reworked Grill Etc 3 colour ideas... 1 x flat light blue ,Dark blue flake roof 2 x Metalliic Gunmetal grey 3 x primer?Grey,red oxide,black Can any one...
  6. What, Where, When ?
    It's the Butty Run at the Diner in Long Itchington, Warks. this Sunday, 7th March. Meet at 9:30ish 'til 12 for breakfast. More details at: We've had a request for vehicles to take part in a professional photo shoot at the meet, promoting a company specialising in retro...
  7. The Shelf
    On the photos of the front and rear of the models does it have to be full on/straight or can it be an angled shot? R.H.
  8. History Archive
    I know this is more than a little self indulgent, but I doubt these have been seen anywhere before. I took these at Kenley Aerodrome where the photo shoot was done on my old chopped Anglia for Custom Car back in '92. Tim Baggerley arranged for the Vultures/Fleet lot to come too so they could...
  9. Chat
    This is an internet found photo of a VOLVO AMAZON, can't find any photo's of the front. Original photo or paint shopped, i would like to see the front if anyone can help?:tup::D :D:tup:
  10. Chat
    Can't remember the name or details of the neat photo effect that's appeared on here occasionally which makes the subject look like it's a model rather than the real thing. Can anyone point me in the right direction please (ie not the door)
  11. Chat
    Hi Took some photos, hope you guys enjoy. Reply and comments appreciated. Yeah , I love the Gassers... I have a fair few more to upload, so If you were there and took your car... might just have a shot of ya :) Ask. Thx Jo
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    I've been trying to host the pics i took in florida and post them, but keep getting an error message. Does anyone know how i resize my pics on a mac pc, as i am still learning how to use this thing. Brian
  13. On Topic
    hi to all out there, can anyone photoshop my car, i am in the process of the bodywork and would like a image creating... i havn't got a clue whats involved to do this but i do have some pics of it with a stance and colour in mind, can any one help. you can pm me if its easier than taking up to...
  14. Chat
    can anyone photoshop this with black and red colour combos?
  15. On Topic
    New and improved versions! :bigsmile:
  16. On Topic
    Here's some of my photo's from Sunday's racing at Wheels USA. Please let me know if you want to use any of the photos and want higher res versions. More here
  17. On Topic
    Has Crusty made it over yet? I miss his verbal diariah LOL:pmsl:
1-18 of 18 Results