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  1. History Archive
    Robin Cook has been into cars since 1978 and has taken many, many photos from shows over the years. There is currently a Facebook page @AcrossTheDecades where these pics are being uploaded to, but as it was only started a couple of months ago there are still a lot more gems to come...
  2. On Topic
    Some shots going off to the mags but here's a few to get started, some video to come too. It was amazing on Friday, epic on Saturday and a wash out Sunday. Looking forward to the next one. 1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show - Chimay - Belgium001 by, on Flickr 1st European Hot...
  3. Chat
    Hey everyone, have you seen my photos on flickr before? If you haven't, please could you take a look. :tup: Im just trying to get my name out a bit more. I might start selling prints at the start of this race season. Tell me what you think...
  4. Chat
    Recent trip to the States, travelled down from N.Y to Florida...found a few nice cars...'28 Chevy, '56 Chevy, '64 Falcon and the really clean '55 2d Sedan behind a barn in Virginia (1st photo), nice car but the owner was'nt interested at all hence the photo as we were leaving...oh well...anyway...
  5. On Topic
    Is it possible to enlarge the avatar pics? some interesting pics posted but would a closer look. cheers
  6. On Topic
    Been going DT since it started but never took a camera with. Also never eaten in there before. Don't eat the steak & ale pie, there's too much pastry and no filling, my mates cod & chips look amazing in comparison though Anyway, some pics
  7. Chat
    Just a few bikes to get the thoughts and discussions flowing......
  8. Chat
    How about a thread showing off the various Uk car club plaques? Here's a few for starters
  9. Chat
    A great location on the Quayside, but if anything a bit too popular! The huge car park was already full at luchtime, so maybe a breakfast meet is an alternative option? Rest of the photos are here...
  10. Chat
    Meet up at the top of Portsdown Hill. The cruise down to The Farmhouse Pub to meet everyone else
  11. History Archive
    Some of you may have seen my old photo,s on another site,for those of you who hav,nt i hope you enjoy these taken at santa pod around 1970/2
  12. Chat
    Now CC have moved on to the next issue, here are all the photos I took at October's Cruise as seen in the March issue including the unpublished ones. Click on the link for my flickr album[email protected]/sets/72157623591222594/
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    More at
  14. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Early photos of the Spirit Of the Fifties Not sure about these last one… Bob….:smoke:
  15. History Archive
    RIVERSIDE STREET CRUISERS HANWORTH AIRPARK. Dave Lowes rather smashing Devon, judging by the lack of sidetrim this must've been one of its early outings. Ian Normans Pop, Popeye, blown Rover Riley & Bert Englefields '32. LINGFIELD RACECOURSE. High riding Mk1 Capri...
  16. History Archive
    THE CANNONBALL RUN AT THE POD. Tender Trap, is it still around? Cheeky. Hot Tomato Opel, blown Rover I think. That's John Prices Radio Luxembourg sponsered Mustang behind it, was driven by Roger Hornsby of Slick Tricks fame, it didn't set the world on fire. I think this was...
  17. History Archive
    I'm on a bit of a roll with this scanning malarky, hope you enjoy 'em. MILLWALL, can't remember the host club, sorry. Our own Jumpin' Jims Consul V6 Mk1 Escort owned by Dave "The Hair" from the Morons. The Sweeney. John Claydons Mr Muscle. Honda 750FOUR powered trike owned by a...
  18. On Topic
    I found these old photos , they are from the National Custom Car Show in 1978 , I think the the veue was Ally Pally, I have more and will share with all when I come across them , and convert from old style Film to Digital, It all takes time. I hope you enjoy George...
  19. History Archive
    Sorry If I have listed some of these before (on the the 'other' site), hope not too boring but thought a few might be of interest...:bigsmile:
1-20 of 54 Results