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    Dream cars film night, photos here please I've just got home from what I can only describe as one of the best nights out I've had in a long time. Myself & KC55 arrived at 7ish & until the films started at around 9 we were bombarded with offers of nibbles, lager & bubbly by the excellent waiting...
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    A few pics from last night at the Cheshire Lounge(formerly Nags Head). Massive turn-out including some new cars (or at least some I'd not seen before)
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    Please find a sample of my pics from this Saturday. If you want to use any of these photos or want a large version please let me know. 234 shots here I thought this would be a nice daily driver
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    Mine are here;
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    Awesome weather and great cars :)
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    Some Billing Fun Run 2009 photos - first up my passengers...
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    A bit late but what the hell.
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    A great day out in the sunshine! Thanks to all the organisers.
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    Don't normally do the History section much, but got mailed this link, and it seemed too good not to share. Hope it's okay... :)
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    Big thanks to all who showed up.......sun and a great atmosphere made it a total success! Car of the show and picked up the Mayors Award....... Elmo practices his joined-ed up writing.....tongue in please! :D Convertible Consul and Zeph wagon soon to be togged by yours truly rest are...
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    here we go,the weather was very good, the turnout great and the rods n americans were even better.
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    Hi all. We arrived a bit late to this show near Sheffield. Weather wasn't so good which was a shame as it was a cracking show last year. I was ready to spend lots of money on Ford junk but the traders were lacking. :sniff: We just took a few photos which may be of interest to some.
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    Got round to uploading photos of last sat's cruise, missed loads of good cars though :(