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    Been thinking about painting my Mustang wheels matt black for an extra fugly look, & try to disguise the tall rear tyres. Can anybody photoshop them matt black to give me an idea. What ya think ? good / bad idea ?
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    As the title suggests..:tup: I want to look at the new car with the wheels and my old paint on it.
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    Been spannering today, changed the oil and nipped a few things up like the brakes. The axle was out of oil so I topped it up and gave all the bolts in the banjo a good crank up to make sure. 4 of them were less than finger tight :tdown: Anyway, took a few photos for records and decided to have...
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    can anyone help here please, i would like to see this in bottle /british racing green but need to get it one solid colour first and that's where i'm stuck :sniff: any tips or have a play, cheers.
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    Could someone photoshop these pictures to make it matt black please? Having a bit of a think of a change of colour,see if it works and matches the Minor lol! Cheers.
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    hello,could someone please photoshop my car.i want to lower the back so it is a tildragger and whitewall tyers.thanks if you can help
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    can any1 do something with this, 5 stud fords please, any colour and lower at the front, GO MAD!!
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    Is any one able to do a photoshop of this picture for me. I want to know what it would look like with black Z/28 stripes & a red front bumper. I'm at a point where I can either have the standard front grille or the hideaways as in the pic, but I can't make my mind up, so I'm looking for some...
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    Can anyone do me a photoshop on this picture ? What I need is to be left with just the outline and the 2 main frame rails at the front of the car so that I can print it off so that I can do some layout lines for my chassis.:tup:
1-9 of 9 Results