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  1. Freebies
    Just like Great 68's post - angle iron ramps - just want shot of them. Make a contribution to R'n'S. SE London PM if you want to collect 'em.
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Does anyone want to buy my 1964 bedford ca van (see photos below)? I bought it last august to try to combine classic cars and family holidays but unfortunatly i was made redundant 2 weeks after i bought it, and with the money, sadly the enthusiasm has dissapeared too. It has 12 months tax...
  3. On Topic
    Was it a good nite you bet ya , the weather was fantastic , lots of cars and people , the food was good , all in all a great venue . George
  4. Chat
    Re: Post a random pic Thread ** Edit - Moved to Adult area. No exposed bollocks in chat please :tup: just good friends??? you wouldn't believe what I was looking for when I found this.........:shake:
  5. The Garage
    Hey guys, thought I'd put a thread up here to show you all and benefit from the advice and opinions of the Rn'S collective :) I've always thought that there's a lot of things about a Rover P6 that makes them an ideal budget gasser- Front panel unbolts, rear wings can be unbolted for easy...
  6. On Topic
    Inspired by a guy who's building a 105E Anglia truck in the "Garage" section, How about a Consul Classic Pickup? I've reversed the rear pillars to make the roof flow into the rear quaters and kept all the original trim to make it look as much like a factory body style as poss. The basic idea...
  7. Chat
    A Couple of links some might enjoy 857 Pics 1100+ pics...
  8. Chat
    Does anyone have any more photo's of this? Because this is the look i want to go for on my Cresta, got to love the 70's / 80's look.:tup:
  9. On Topic
    Here is a Picture of the American graffiti Hot rod , It was taken in 1979 at Universal Studios were it was on a display that was promoting the second Film More American Graffiti , if you look in the back ground, you will see the rail dragster that also appeared in the film
  10. Chat
    Ratrods, i've always liked ratrods, so here's a few i've found whilst surfing.:tup: Electric ratrod?????????????? Feel free to add more.:tup::tup:
  11. The Garage
    i posted to pics of a VW/landrover hybrid. here is the full built thread. hope you al like. i didnt built it though, wish i did. that car looks just right to me :D pascal
  12. On Topic
    heres a few snaps I grabbed at the icy cold wychbold Inn meet today !! enjoy ! (driven all the way from bristol................) thats all from me !!!!! enjoy !
  13. Chat
  14. The Shelf
    :tup:The following are of my Willys, my GTO and one of my RATRODS. Also there are a couple of pic's of tatuu's MAD MAX INTERCEPTOR at our monthly Model Club Meeting. The above Willys, i made 24 caret gold exhaust tips. :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::smoke: Just noticed....i forgot a...
  15. On Topic
    Found it fella, through a link off the good ol UKDRN!!!........:tup: thought id add this link for everyone to see, theres some really good stuff on it,,, enjoy!..:smoke: Sid.
  16. On Topic
    can anyone share pic's of rebellion's front end setup for me please?
  17. On Topic
    I think weve all been there...........:pmsl: couple of questions............. who is it? and did the car ever get built? ive no idea by the way, .............. but would love to know if he realised his dream.:bigsmile: Sid.
  18. On Topic
    found this on the web, nice job lifting the front wheels on the street, check the tyre wrinkle:tup: something about the pic, kind of Paradise road/American Graffiti feel to it?
  19. On Topic
    I was doing a googley for something entirely different, and I found this.... Don't you just love it!!!! Here's the link for more snaps
1-20 of 28 Results