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  1. On Topic
    Apologies if this should be in Chat. Hi I’m wondering if anyone can give me a bit of help. I thinking of importing a 39-47 Dodge pickup as I really like the look but I have to admit that I’ve never actually seen one for real. I know there are a few in this country including at least one...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Should apologise for crap photography....I keep promising myself a new camera...but it's down the list of priorities!! Brand spanking new in their boxes...never opened! I probaly paid too much for them with shipping but I'm trying to get my money back. The American Graffiti diorama has Mels...
  3. History Archive
    Hi, I started a small thread with homemade Vauxhall pickups a while ago. 100's of trucks must have been made over the years using other vehicles so lets have a thread for them. Here's a few to start thigs off. Bob.
  4. History Archive
    Here's a few I have photos of. also remember a blue/white PA Cresta pickup in a 1960's mag and a PC Cresta pickup with flowers painted on in a small picture in an early CC. If anyone has pictures of them please put them up here. Bob.
  5. Chat
    Bloke at work has just been done speeding in his older merc van. he was doing 50-odd in a 60 limit single carraigeway road. he didn't realise the limits are lower for vans. - here's the deal - if the van is car derived and less than 2000kg loaded then the car speed limits apply - if non car...
1-5 of 5 Results