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    Have a look at this, I find it quite amazing but then i'm easily pleased!
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    This picture was missing from the ad!
  3. How-To Guides & FAQ Section
    Hi I have uploaded a small profile picture it appears in my profile but not in my threads, what am i doing wrong. George
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    Look at the guy picking his nose,you can almost read his mind.Ummm rip the fenders off? Roof chop? Which ways Muroc?
  5. History Archive
    Its from either Custom Car or Street Machine magazine sometime around late 80's early 90's but i could be miles out, Its in colour and taken from outside the Halfmoon pub :?: on the Kings Road in an article about the Chelsea Cruise might of even been "out and About" but its only a small pic of...
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    how come in getting this when i try to upload some pics ? Content Encoding Error The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression. * Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem. some upload , some dont ...
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    just testing
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    And thought ummmmmmmmmmmmm gasser.
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    Ok I wonder if anybody can help, was speaking to a mate last night said he had seen a fantastic picture of my corsair taken at supernats on Rods N Sods, dammed if I can find it has anybody seen this pic, it's the red two door on lotus rims. thanks Slappy.
  10. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    i have a sit up and beg pop for sale. 2.0 pinto. 4 speed . flip front. big and little slots with brand new tyres. the car has 10 months mot and tax till decomber. vagas front end. capri rear. this car is on a q plate so no sva worries with this one. will swap or deal somthing intresting...
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    Kustoms, tail draggers and lead sleds I make no apologies for starting with my favourite style - Westergard style - these all built by the great man himself
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    OK, last one for today - this time, hot rods, street rods I'm gonna start with what is probably my favourite picture in my collection
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    This time - Rothesque, that's bubble tops, 60s show cars and other Roth style stuff
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    This one - wagons - let's see those longroofs (or is that longrooves ?)
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    OK, this thread - pics of trucks, pickups, vans, panel trucks etc - let's see 'em
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    Bored with mud slinging, bickering and general bullshite - time for some pic threads. This one - GASSERS - let's see 'em
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    Nicked this idea from the H.A.M.B, How about a cool picture thread
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    what happen'd to that, thought any pictures that were to big were being automaticly resized on here. im getting a lot of pix ppl are posting going way off the side of my must get a 52" :D
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    we got some real nice 34's, how about some A's
  20. On Topic
    lets see your 34 fords. heres mine
1-20 of 20 Results