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  1. Tech Discussion
    Capri 2.8 steering pipes thread size? Anyone know what size the threads are for the 2 pipes that go into the rack from the pump? Cheers Pete
  2. On Topic
    Just bought some bends to do my Exhaust bloody great service Anyone looking for good quality bends in all sizes give "Barry the Bender" a ring great service good quality bends all sizes and shapes to your requirements. Barry "The Bender" Grimes 07917383654 :tup::tup::tup: Stu
  3. On Topic
    Looking at pictures of my old victor (in the history threads in F type victor) i was still impressed by the sidepipes so im starting a campain to bring em back am i alone in having little taste? i dont think so!! so come on say after me WE WANT THRUSH WE WANT THRUSH!!!
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    anyone got a half decent side pipe still sitting around ? fancy going a bit retro on my daily driver :tup: should go well with the metalflake !:eek:
  5. Tech Discussion
    Hi Guys Does anyone know what the flaring degree angle is on American brake fittings. I used a British flaring tool on my last rod & couldn`t get a good seal so this time I was going to purchase a flaring tool kit from the States. Thanks for reading......Cheer`s Bri
  6. Tech Discussion
    put this here, as it's for my daily not the chevy :D one of the brake pipes on the daily has corroded, needs replcing for the MOT. My question is, will it pass if I simply remove the corroded section, and splice a new section in using the correct unions/flaring etc. The pipe itself runs under...
  7. History Archive
    Just started scanning a few of my own pictures in, (ABOUT TIME!) came across this mk2, WONDER WHAT IT WAS LIKE ON CORNERS!!:shake: dont ya just love it!, this was at Walton on the Naze around 1980 sort of got me thinking, wouldnt it be great to see all these old 70s creations on one...
1-7 of 7 Results