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    ....a fine day featuring kool kars, kool people and The Wall of Death....!
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    A fine evening at the Ace, loads of cars, people, music and romance!!
  3. On Topic's some more!
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    ...tucked away in a quiet corner of Southeast London...
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    ....if you like 'em low and slow...[email protected]/sets/72157594581005075/
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    ..there would have been more, but it started to rain...!
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    Yes indeed, the sun shone, loads of cars and bikes were there, and we had a sneak preview of next month's CC Tech Feature entitled 'How to change your wheel in a car park...' by a well known and respected motoring journalist...
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    a few Shoreham , sussex , meet pix , :D
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    hi, guys......have added some pix to our rodkatz website from todays swap meet ....:tup:..toad
  10. On Topic you go... ...and who bought what?
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    Well it was a bit grey,with a few spots of rain... and then the sun came out, and suddenly the car park was full, with folks from as far away as Brighton...what a fine way to spend a morning!
  12. On Topic the sunshine...!
  13. On Topic available on the myspace link...hope everyone who went has now warmed up a bit!
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    Here's a few from this morning, rained a bit, but so what!
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    ...and the sun did shine...
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    ...all here... ...or here... ...rain? what rain...!
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    ...another sunny morning in South London....!
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    ....what a fine evening!
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    ...a fine turnout, more new cars, sun shone, what more could you want?!!
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    Thanks to Lou (honky tonkin) ,martin , mike and some bloke called vince , for joining in my impromptu photo shoot ! A BIG , BIG thanks to Edd Weeks for these shots ! :D
1-20 of 38 Results