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    Hi just a few pictures from a recent trip to Chip Foose Design as you can imagen there was some cool cars . George
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    Any recommendations for a company to buy American Racing wheels from ? I've tried several UK companys, for special order backspace ARE Hopsters but nobodys come back to me, despite me constantly chasing them. :tdown: Due to my suspension / brake modes, the offset is now wrong on the pair I...
  3. History Archive
    looking back at these old cars had me wondering:?: I remember buying a 72 Mach 1 mustang as a young lad from the south east corvette centre in Montagu rd Edmonton, the guy who owned the business was called Peter, he took me out in the mustang for a test drive and frightened the crap out of me ...
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    whats your favourite road or place on that road ie A406 ace cafe ? For me you will have to go back 40 years .the OLD A12 from Chelmsford to Hatfield peveral ,the old petrol pumps at tiny garages the thathed cottage that sold teas and egg & bacon pie .and the long gone country pubs all left...
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    Not in the sense of a physical "sale" but that of an advertising pitch ? I've gotta get some banners done which will have the logo on but what about the text. What would you suggest to describe this place and sell it to anyone looking at the banner ? Thanks in advance :tup:
  6. Tech Discussion
    I have loads of brake shoes that need relining(mostly 11"), anyone got a decent company they use who do a good job, have a reasonable turn round time and dont take the p*ss price wise?
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    Afternoon. Friend of mine is looking to buy a new shape Mustang but does not seem to be having much luck so far. Anyone got any recommendations or point him in the right direction? He is looking for a V8, Manual convertible, preferably black and has about £20K to spend. Thanks, P.:D
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    Need to get 4 new tyres for the I mean I really NEED 4 new tyres...some sod left the final tread in the car park of the LI Diner a couple of months ago!!!! where is good and reasonably priced....want radials (yeah I know not trad!!!) and white or gold bands..... Any body????
1-8 of 8 Results