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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone have a pair of the flat steel wiring channel cover plates that fit under the ally door sill plates? 57 two door hardtop Mine have gone missing Cheers Al
  2. The Shelf
    Just found this in a box full of photos , never used whole sheet of 1961 1/25 scale stick on licence plates . Rare I'd say :eek:
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Need to get one rear drum and hub for my '40 rear axle so need to sell the pair of front backing plates I have. These are in good condition and are currently in red oxide. One has had the holes opened slightly to fit '32 spindles. £70 the pair. Collection from J26/M25 Waltham Abbey...
  4. On Topic
    I think that I already know the answer to this one but just thought I would get some advice from those who know. I really like the look of the American style plates, but I believe that they are not legal in the UK, even though the characters are the right height 80mm, is this correct, and if...
  5. On Topic
    can i put 1 of them on my car or as it got to be standerd car size.thanks for help
  6. On Topic
    Seeing as we seem to have a couple of number plate posts up at the top about plates thought it might be a good idea to stick this link up for reference. You can only legally run small plates on an import...
  7. On Topic
    I'm gonna need some black and silver number plates made up soon , and I may need them in a hurry , anyone got any recomendations please ? :)
  8. On Topic
    Some of you may already know about the clampdown on the display of illegally plates and the checking of them at MOT time. Since 2001 it has been illegal to supply numberplates in anything except the smaller 'New Charles Wright' font meaning even if you had different plates on before all you can...
  9. On Topic
    Finally decided to get my finger out and change the front number plate on my car. Where is the best place to go now with all the legislation. Looking for a black background silver letters, oblong but as small as possible, maybe a motorbike one? Sort of like the front plate on the Black 57 with...
1-10 of 11 Results