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  1. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    the lamb in gee cross second thursday (thats this week ) whos going then?:D
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    I need a points setup for my RV8, i have the dizzy i just need the internals. was electronic but im goin old skool! Oh yeah and a coil would be nice too! Thanks for any help
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hello everyone im in need of your brain cells again . i want a leccy dizzy for my 2ltr pinto (bosch dizzy ). yes its only a pinto but in my consul its a new lease of life .i know early sierra was a quick option ,but that type of dizzy i cant find and i dont fancy to much messing...
  4. Chat
    I'm in the process of building a new utility room and downstairs loo. The washing machine and dryer have been outside on the verandah for almost 18 months. They are now nearly ready to be installed. Finished the plastering today. :) Also started the new patio with all the York flag stones I've...
  5. Tech Discussion
    my 235 chevy was "playing up" so i had a look at the points & they are like a "polo"....never seen points like this b4 this right or are they non existent(i.e fell off)......(it was behaving like condensr failure but i thought i'd check)
  6. Tech Discussion
    just a quick one i have a mallory dual point dizzy on a 305ci chevy what gap would you reccomend gonna do plugs and points if the weather gets above freezing. guessing this should be in tech
  7. On Topic
    Right I'm looking at possible positions for mouting the 3 point setbelts I have in the pop. Troble is, because I'm tall, the seat is slightly past the A pillar. Anyone got any pictures of alternative seatbelt positions?Cheers, Glyn.
1-7 of 7 Results