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  1. The Garage
    Hi all, this is my attempt at a Hod Rod (although, tecnically, I'm building it for the wife). It is The Cop Rod! Started life as a simple 1987 1.8 VW Passat CL. The guy who had it before me added some dreadful 17" alloys but dropped the suspension nicely. It had rotten front doors so we changed...
  2. On Topic
    it was in classic car weekly around a month back,capri dealer and dragracer ran off with peoples money, police were hunting for him, pictures of his garage showed dragracing capri and rodded green chopped pop, did they catch him?
  3. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Very rare 1971 Harley Davidson model GE Servi-car. This one has been upgraded by the fitment of an1993 Sportster 883 cc engine and 5 speed gearbox and later Heritage big twin front end, which makes for a much more useable machine than the wheezy and gutless old 750cc flathead 45 but I am sure...
  4. Chat
    hi everyone, im gonna leave a few links of police chases below in which i think are some of the best, do you know of any which are better?? of course one has to involve a range rover
  5. Chat
    to kick you when youre down:tdown:
  6. Chat
    A traffic copper pal of mine has just called in to show his latest gizzmo,PMSL
1-7 of 8 Results