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  1. Tech Discussion
    I picked this up today, the last owner had striped it back to the bare aluminium with paint stripper with the intention of repainting it, it has a few scratches etc but is in pretty good shape generally, i want to polish it up like they do with the American Airstreams. I've polished plenty of...
  2. On Topic
    can anyone recomend someone in or around manchester for polishing alloy wheels .. these are the wheels they look good but need a good polish.. steve
  3. Tech Discussion
    I've got some stainless trim that needs polishing , is there any hand held gismo that you recommend ?
  4. Tech Discussion
    I am looking to get some stainless parts polished including an exhaust this winter, and a few suspension parts chromed. I live in Chelmsford,Essex...Can anyone recommend someone local ?
  5. On Topic
    what is the best stuff to wax/ glym,mer,turttle wax....what do you recomend for a good shine and long lasting protection.....oh is there any polish with fly repelant in it.. just painted the car yellow and all the flyes have turned up :eek:
  6. Chat
    Hey guys, I've got a 1953 Pontiac with a flathead 8. I want to get more performance. I was recommended to port and polish the intake and exhaust. We found out they used abrasive material to do it like gritty sand. So I got with my friend that tunes Hondas and we decided to try it ourselves. We...
  7. Chat
    .........:incheek: . 20 screaming polishers, 50 pounds of polish, 600+ man hours...... .
1-7 of 7 Results