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    On twin 40 IDF carbs, includes linkage, filters etc. CUrrently has twin cannon exhaust fitted, will bolt directly to VW 1300 and larger boxes, small amount of clearancing of the bellhouse required for 1200 or Splitty gearboxes. 215mm clutch. This is the high compression engine from the Porsche...
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    I have a mate with a 57 356a (1600) Porsche which is not running correctly -do we know anyone with some expertise, i can recomend him to? distance is not a problem if the guy knows his stuff thanks in advance,Bry
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    as new 225 tyres -low profile £200 brand new vag master cyclinder £30 porsche 944 front hubs and calipers £100 944 turbo front hubs £100 -will fit vw van spindles, as have been modified 965 porsche 964 turbo discs udes £60 - 322mm 996 rear discs used £30 2 litre subaru engine £200...
1-3 of 3 Results