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    Re: Post a random pic Thread ** Edit - Moved to Adult area. No exposed bollocks in chat please :tup: just good friends??? you wouldn't believe what I was looking for when I found this.........:shake:
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    Looking at getting a parcel ( 25 lbs, 24" x 16" x 14" ) shipped from the States. Any ideas who is cheapest option? Thanks
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    i'm not that pc (personaly) literate, so in plain words how do post vid links? :tup:
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    for starters
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    Got plenty of battery, got plenty of spark, got plenty of fuel (in the carb now too, and it's 'squirting'), been turning the dissy for the timing, got plenty of oil pressure too (50lb), got new plugs/points/dissy cap/coil... Just keeps puffin out of the exhaust, and the odd good flame out of...
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    Seeing as it's in the On-Topic area and all teh build up was in here ... ... here's a link to his memorable occasion :D
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    Some good saves and some not
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    tried youtube but it takes ages,video is avi format size is 224mb.. any help or ideas will be good as i am shit at this stuff...
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    I used to post crap like this on the NSRA forum but thats history for us guests, then decided that what I had to say wasnt really that interesting to anyone, so stoped posting altogether, but I think this post might encourage some folk to have a go at a wee bit of metal bashing. Please dont...
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    twinpost ramp originaly came from lex landrover screw type 3ton £300 ono
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Bradbury 4 post ramps (2 of) £500 for two Bradbury Hydro-Electric Liftmaster MK1 3 Ton Four Post Ramp. Wheels can be removed from the vehicle as this ramp has a feature that enables the main ramp to be lowered and other supports hold the vehicle up. On behalf of my good friend Tony at "The...
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    this as there are a couple of Q's unanswered, not an excuse to dig up the rants please. Tootall quite rightly questioned the UKK and Unity displays and the Lexus well... Unity attended off their own back to show support to the NSRA and have a club meet up as it WAS one of the better shows with...
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    saw a post about this hobby by kapri went out to a mates came back and it has been moved .. moved to where i can not seem to find it.....
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    Im all up and running with my lathe in my garage, well all except the suds pump, I did have a pump sorted but it now turns out its unsuitable as it needs a head pressure before it will pump, and im not really wanting to chop the lathe about to fit it, So I have been thinking, I know a worrying...
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    I was checking this site for dates as Ray Mr Green Onions sons coming over... Your need your sound up.....any one else know of a sound Link..... Enjoy ...>> Com-on Si we need one too....... Bob.....
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    Here's some of my pics from Saturday. Feel free to add your own... and finally, a Vee-Dub!!! Fast Dubs are COOL! :tup:
  18. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    have a 1955 chevy 2 door post car for sale rust free car has been in storage since 1972 265 cuin v8 car is as original no rot anywhere i have all the original paperwork for it wot's it worth?? part of an estate sale it has to go.
  19. What, Where, When ?
    Hi, guys just to let you know that on the 5th of june at the WINNING POST in twickenham, (on the A316) the lennerockers are playing and its also jumpin` jim`s birthday bash say it will be a brilliant night............mark
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    sorry if you've been flooded out with pics from Drayton and are bored solid of them by now but meh. Here's my contribution. I took looooooads. Here's the (slightly) edited highlights.