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  1. On Topic
    anyone know of a decent sand/media blaster & also need a powder coaters in Bedfordshire area ?? Prefer if it was someone on here who can do either/both job(s). Not urgent but i dont really wanna be waiting weeks for it to be turned around either. cheers si
  2. Tech Discussion
    This isn't car related, but I guess folks on here have more technical expertise than the Indian company I'm trying to work with.....:wanker: One of our products is a cast iron lid that is then powder coated and has to provide insulation up to 1kV. The first samples that I approved were nice...
  3. On Topic
    I been to see my local metal stockists today to pick up some metal. They have just started doing shotblasting and powder coating. I spoke to them about my 32 chasis and they reckon to shot blast and powder coat my chassis will be about £100 all in even with a choice of colour in powder...
  4. Tech Discussion
    I want to get some colour on the steel wheels for the roadster, should I, paint, powder coat or stove enamel them? Anyone got any experience of the last two? Thoughts on where to get it done (I live in Suffolk, but happy to travel) and related costs??
1-4 of 4 Results