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  1. Tech Discussion
    I need to get the power steering box off a Plymouth Volare (clip fitted to my truck) rebuilt. Does anyone know where I can get it rebuilt in the Uk? Would also be useful to know what other cars share the same box. Cheers BB
  2. Tech Discussion
    :beuj:on my daily driver- vauxhall vectra sri 2007 plate.I turn the steering and the head lights dim?what causes this to happen.also the information screen goes off and on when it feels like it. any ideas. thanks.
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    2) power bulge,80's/90's style letterbox, vac formed 2piece (not a glass copy) £50 3) chrome cragars vvgc x4 with nearly new 255/60/15's all matching,with nuts, unilug 5stud. 4.5,4.75" ford/chevy etc £400 ono ta rik :tup: 07799771627
  4. Tech Discussion
    Can you help ? My truck's got the running gear from a '77, plus an older Goodwrench motor. It came to me with old ramhorn manifolds (which have now been replaced by headers) and the p/s/pump was mounted on bodged bracketry. I've seen aftermarket brackets to use with headers, but anyone know...
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Seem to have a problem with my Lumenition power module. Got a spark but it is so weak it will not fire the engine. New coil has made no difference so guess it must be the power module playing up. Anyone got one for grabs? Do not need the whole kit just the power module. Cheers Gary
  6. Chat
    had a power cut this morning at 6am and it came back on at 13:37 no kettle no heating so done a bit of reading. Jack
  7. Stuff - WANTED
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi im looking for a power steering pump for a 1962 Lincoln with a 430ci block. cheers :D
  9. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    1960 mark 2 zep , mot and tax (month left) pull back sunroof fitted with 2 litre pinto 205 block , front drop sump , points dizzy , weber carb , 5 speed box , new exhaust with hedman box , will be on 13" wheels not as shown in pictures body is in satin black ,rear arches good ,sills good...
  10. Chat
    Just bought some Air Shears from Aldi. £12.99 cheap enough even if they don't last forever. Check their other air tools that have just gone on sale today. Steve
  11. Chat
    any ideas where i can get a purge solenoid for a nitrus system? And some brackets for a nitrus bottle? Diamond T needs a bit more kick! Also looking for an old blower-doesn't need to be working....
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Good condition Tri Power for sale. It came off an running engine approx 18 months ago. I have now made other engine plans so no longer need this. As per the picture: Fits SBC Offy Manifold 3 Fully working Rochesters Linkage Fuel Block Fuel Line (would need replacing as gone hard) £500 I am...
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    hi all after ford sierra power steering set up pump / rack / hose's / res
  14. On Topic
    Need to no if there is an easy conversion for a '50s Ford Ranchero? Or do I bite the bullet and buy an aftermarket kit?
  15. Tech Discussion
    I'm not interested in guesses, but is there anyone who knows what their design limit was? Are there differences in certain years of C6's?
  16. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have for sale the power steering box from my 1970 Chevy Nova, Believe same as an early Camaro one. Will swap for manual one, for same, cheers, Des email [email protected] tel 01484 421311 work hrs
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    the oxford is running volvo 144 front clip , non power steering would like a 164 power steering box ,cheers
  18. Chat
    Does anyone have a link for a power to weight website please ? I'm after a daily driver that I can use as an occasional track day car and want to know what might be the best to buy. Prefer RWD. Maybe an MX5, MR2, BMW 325, or perhaps a 205GTi or similar hot hatch.
  19. Chat
    For all of you getting power Tools for Christmas............................:shake: Bob……:pmsl:
  20. Chat
    Well Cow Power.. Love the way he sat one on ever side of the cab for balance...:eek: Bob..
1-20 of 33 Results