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  1. Chat
    just getting in to the start of the racing /show season and we get rain, rain, and more bloody rain. I feel for the guys that have made all the effort to get to the 'pod' and 'shakey' this weekend.
  2. On Topic
    I,ve just been down to my local BP to fill my 20 litre jerry can with petrol. It is a proper jerry can not some lashed up affair. The attendant wouldn't let me fill the can because it is now against the law to store more than 10 litres of petrol at home. Is this bollox or what? How are we going...
  3. Chat
    its crap and grey here so if its like this wherever you are have a couple of vids to make you smile - least they do me :) i know their both oldies but worth another look :tup:
1-3 of 3 Results