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  1. The Shelf
    Here we go, time for the (virtual) prize giving ceremony :D For the first place winners we have the following:- Under 18's Mel Gray £50 to spend on whatever you want (Ignore your dad's advice ;)) A Custom Cars in Colour Book (Don't let your Dad nick this :whack:) Choice of T-Shirt from Piston...
  2. Model Comp Admin Area
    Suppose I should have sorted this out before the end lol. Right, We've got :- £100 cash T-shirts from Piston Aparrel Custom Cars in colour book (RabidHamster) Model Kit (421 GTO) Plus other bits --> Final List Under 18's Mel Gray £50 to spend on whatever...
  3. Model Comp Admin Area
    I have got a selection of 10 old 'Popular Hot Rodding' mags which could be used as spot prizes ( best engine, paint, most far out, etc). Any good?
1-3 of 3 Results