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  1. The Garage
    After next to no progress over the winter, Spring fever has finally hit and I have made some good progress over the last month. As a result of the slow start I am going to miss the deadline I set myself last year of making it to Drayton but at least it will be on the road this year after a 3...
  2. The Garage
    I've owned my car for nearly 12 years now and, other than enforced periods, it's never been off the road for any great length of time. It never has been and never will be a show car, more a useable classic that I can improve/upgrade as time (and money) allows. Yes it has some rough edges, but...
  3. Chat ... crash1.flv Apologies if its been seen before
  4. On Topic
    anyone do much in the garage this weekend. started tubbing a pop with its owner. not technically just the weekend as we done a couple of hours in the week in the eves. just gotta make the tunnel and do a bit of beading
  5. The Garage
    I took out the trans tunnel and floor as the tunnel was too big, the gear shift too high and the seats were bolted to the wooden floor. So I made frames to mount the handbrake and gearshift and welded some brackets to bolt the seats to. Today I started to make a new floor. New trans tunnel...
  6. On Topic
    Reached a bit of a milestone today!!:D Last night I actually finished the firewall after painting over my chequered effect paint job as I had to modify it to fit the engine and could not be arsed to mask it all up again so painted it white with a dose of pearl laquer over the top. Came out...
1-6 of 6 Results