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  1. Chat
    Is there anyone selling a 2 or four pump set up or anyone that can give me a recommendation. I can do all of the fabrications that will be required myself. regards
  2. Tech Discussion
    The 5th mechanical fuel pump has died on my trike and they just don't seem to make decent OEM ones anymore so I want to change over to an electric/electronic one. The obvious one is an SU because it is fitted with an SU carb - but they're a bit expensive. I was looking at Facet pumps but I...
  3. On Topic
    any one else collect petrol pumpg globes garsge signs etc :lol:
  4. Tech Discussion
    hey all anybody ever used one of the solid state type?just wondering if they are any good and can they be mounted in any position ie upside down? cheers
  5. Tech Discussion
    where do you measure a 350 to find out if its a short or long pump ? whats the diff in length and can long be swapped to short ? cheers rob
1-5 of 5 Results