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    I'm sure there is a lot of stories out there?:D I'll start by thanking Torment for the use of a rover V8:tup:, I put a wanted ad in the classified Its to jig a new manifold for the TR7 fuel injection. Liam brought the block down from Nottingham to West Bromwich. What a top bloke. As in the film...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Could you give me any advice ,help if you put a diffrent style body on a chassis.Its my mate he has a pick up and he wants to put a totaly diffrent body on the chassis.Does it need to have to have a sva test or anythink like that.Or is it a matter of taking the pick up shell off.Put the other...
  3. Chat
    Not even a hint of panic in the Captains voice, top man :smoke: Capt. "Got any ideas?" Co pilot "Actually not."
1-3 of 3 Results