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  1. Tech Discussion
    Since I fitted the new q-jet carb to the 350, its been running rich, tired everything I can untill today when I fitted some smaller jets. I thought I had transfared everything from the old carb but Im not sure if I mixed the jets up. So it had 77 jets in, tonight I fitted 55 jets,but I still...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Now that I have my Oldsmobile back up and running, and MOT'd, I'm just getting over the shock of it all and looking at the other problems the poor old car has. The carb on the 425" big block is a Holley 600 which is obviously a little small for the capacity, even allowing for the fact...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    just thought i'd throw this out there, if anyone has one, in any condition shout back as i could do with dumping (or swapping? ) my Dualjet !
1-3 of 3 Results