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    Has anyone got any recommendations for any car painters in Essex or local counties that has a good balance of quality and price?
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    Having a mini clear out again ,Bits and Bobs Side lights £10 Art deco/Hot rod style gauges (Glass missing on one )£30 Bought and never used Red Seat belts Brand new 4 off £40 per pair,£70 for 4
  3. Chat
    The phone just rang so I answered it. Instantly obvious it was an indian (rough location) call centre. Anyways, the guy asked to speak to a "Mr Matthews". Fair enough, I asked who was calling and was met with "This is the computer support representitive". Erm, ok. So I then asked "What...
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    ..few less people than last time (!), still, quality not quantity like we all said! Photos were taken, tourists were entertained, and Lamborghinis were upset.... ...and apparently it rained? We were having too much fun to notice...
1-4 of 4 Results