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    [FONT=Arial Black]Hello there guys and Gals I have a question for you all and believe me it gets tricky... A friend of mine had to make a special Crowsfoot spanner to tighten the base studs on his Panhead Harley. Once he had made it he then proceeded to measure the length of his torque wrench...
  2. On Topic
    hello all is it worth having a x flow pipe or balancer pipe in my inbetween my exhausts or am i wasting my time ??? try figure the picture out its oh and the thicker line is thicker pipe 38mm and 51mm :)
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi i have fitted some new window channel in my ford f350 truck but the glass is very tight when i wind them up and down.I did some repair work on the door channels so i must have made it smaller.So can i grind,rub sand polish the door glass edge.It has rounded edges.I need about 2 mm taking...
  4. Tech Discussion
    I'm at the beginning of my pop build, and had decided on a sbc 383 producing about 400bhp, rear will be a 9". So in reality I'm just gathering parts, while the frame is drawn up and laser cut - so the chassis will be fairly solid to support the power, its a bit of a squeeze in the front and new...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I'm on my second Sony cassette player ( yes CASSETTE !) and as per the one in my old truck the radio will not work . I've just tried with an electronic areial and still no joy. I've pressed reset ..nothing. Plugging and unplugging the aerial makes no difference to the noise level and no sign of...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Can I use laminated glass for the windscreen of the Vicky or does it have to be toughened? My old Coupe had laminated all round but I know the regs have changed since then! :cry:
  7. Tech Discussion
    Anybody know how to remove the reverse lock-out cable from a '65 Mustang 4-speed shifter? Cheers, Mark.
  8. Tech Discussion
    Can any help, I have a small transmission leak coming from the gear selector seal on a c4 Ford 3 speed auto, can the seal be change without dropping the box??
  9. Tech Discussion
    just sprayed my lads bumper in base coat ,can i flat it befor aplying clear coat as these are a couple of bits of dust on it ,if so what grade paper do i use thanks
  10. Tech Discussion
    Can anybody advise on the safest width 'crossply' tyre to fit to a Morris Minor 14" rim, remembering that they have no safety bead.:beuj:
  11. Tech Discussion
    Why do some people say not to use a crank HUB and others say not to use a damper? I was goin to use a fliudamper on mine. I can see that one reason is clearance between the rad etc, but as mine has no probs in this department i dont see why not to use one. Because at the end of the day a hub has...
  12. Tech Discussion
    my allterenator is charging at about 13.80 volts,but ive got to rev the car quite high to get it to kick in is this normal..once its kicked in it it charges ok,but i dont like to rev it too high when th e engine is still cold,would a new allternator do the trick?? its a rv8 ...thanks
  13. Tech Discussion
    Can someone please confirm the correct wiring for an alternator? My "understanding" is that the large terminal gets a permanent 12v feed. The smaller one gets an ignition feed, which goes through a dash warning light, which will go out when the alternator spins? Thanks guys Mark
  14. Tech Discussion
    Hi Guys, I want to reuse my original pop ignition barrel, with the outer ring which operates the lights. Originally though it would of been 6v, and positively earthed, right? The "batt", "ground", "side" and "head" terminals are clearly stamped on the back, but I want to check the wiring...
  15. Tech Discussion
    ocasionally when i'm MIG welding, i'll be welding away... no probs .....take my finger off the trigger to finish and the gas will continue coming out ???? ....and i have to shut it off at the bottle........what causes this, do i need a new tourch ?? Many thanks ...:happy: Mike
  16. Chat
    If toast always lands butter side down and cats always land on thier feet, what happens if you strap toast to the back of a cat and drop it?
  17. Chat
    Why do Nudist's wear shoes?
  18. Tech Discussion
    I'm mounting my remote servo out of the engine bay and using two flexible lines to the inner wing..where i will use hard pipe to the m/s and brakes...would this set up be ok or would i be better/safer using the hard pipe at the servo too...The only reason im using the flexi is i had it lyin...
  19. History Archive
    I'm trying to find out the reg number of this Dorset I think it may be GSV417, ( both pictures below) Bob.
  20. Tech Discussion
    I have a little universal wiper motor to go in my pop. I had one on my last car, and it worked great so I tried to get another. The one I have is slighlty different to the last one I had though. As its a motor, I was expecting a pos and neg terminal, and my switch would be on the positive...
1-20 of 108 Results