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  1. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    I was just wondering how the events work. Is it a case of declaring your own e.t and trying to get as close as possible without going over or is it all out racing with different classes? Also can you turn up and race at one event or do you have to enter for every one? I`v got an 87 corvette that...
  2. Chat
    Question 1? How much does a house weigh? Question 2? How much weight can a country lane wooden bridge hold??? and Question 3? WOULD THIS BE COVERED BY HOME INSURANCE, CAR INSURANCE, OR DOES IT COME UNDER ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE ???
  3. Tech Discussion
    ive got myself a stock 100e heater for my non standard 100e, which way up is it supposed to go??motor at top,or matrix at top??? also only looks like its got 1 outlet for 2 demisters?? anyone got a photo of one installed??
  4. Tech Discussion
    what is the pcd of the standard wheels going to retain the standard drums but wish to convert to hydraulic. can anybody suggest shoes and cylinders that will fit ~(landrover ?) cheers
  5. Tech Discussion
    Q1....Will a Gen 1 Camaro (manual) steering box fit a Gen 2? Q2....Is a 16:1 ratio box quicker than a 25:1? Cheers
  6. On Topic
    I was wondering what primer people recommend. I am building on a budget, and certainly not looking for show quality finish (Hot Rod Flatz sort of paint eventually), and the bodyshell will not get any primer, let alone paint on it for about a year until I finish (haven't even started yet!!) the...
  7. Tech Discussion
    Want to get some nice cold air into the carb on my SBF capri. Thinking of running twin inlets to the filter case from the grille area with flexi ducting. The other option is to run twin inlets again into the filter case, but this time taking cold air from the low pressure area in from the...
  8. On Topic
    OK here goe's Does anyone know of a rod friendly garage in the ashford kent area. Second have just failed my MOT :shake: because my drivers side front tyre is scuffing my drag link when on full and I mean FUll lock (mot'r did my car last year and didn't pull it up but this year same guy actually...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Couple of points I would like clarification on please before I press on. Glass must be E marked, but can I use glass from a Japanesse car with equivelent markings as listed in the cross reference section and mix them for different windows?. I read that dash warning lights and switches have to...
  10. Tech Discussion
    Couple of things I would like clarifying on please. Kev? Would a Vintique 32 grille insert pass if not suggstions on what would. Exterior hinges I understand can stick out 50 mm but does this apply to fenderless styles and what hinges would pass bearing mind radius issues. Same with door...
1-10 of 10 Results