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  1. Chat
    or what i'm doing on my easter holidays:cool: after a suprise christmas pressie followed by a random conversation with a mate at a party recently, my lad and I have decided to build a go-kart (or soap box racer for our colonial cousins) the idea is to turn this:- into something resembling...
  2. History Archive
    Hi, Does anyone know where this is now? More photos available if you want them.
  3. On Topic
    maybe it could be street legal, whos knows...
  4. Chat
    - You think the primary purpose of wings is to PREVENT flight. - You take your helmet along when you go to buy new eyeglasses or check out cars. - You are happiest when your street car's tires are worn to racing depth and the wear bars are showing. - When something falls off of your car, you...
  5. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Just come across this one. 'Maverick' dark blue '57
  6. On Topic
    I swore to myself I'd never send in a post like this, so want it to be a query rather than a moan. Mainly out of curiosity. I was reading Custom Car today and it pictured the 79 Chevy Malibu bracket racer that was running 11's at the Hot Rod Drags, and I was just wondering why it was allowed...
1-6 of 6 Results