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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Reconditioned about 3 years ago but only used for about 6 months then car taken off road. £40 + P&P or collect. Call IAN 07808202232 after 2pm or text anytime and I`ll call back after 2pm. Thanks :D
  2. Stuff - WANTED
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Can anybody help please - I need the two metal clamps and rubbers which mount a Viva Ha steering rack to the crossmember. Its holding my build up, so I need them real fast. Cheers Dave
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    For conversion of Jag clip to l/h drive. In good condition please.:tup:
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    mk2 escort streeing rack complete on cross memeber with antiroll bar and lower suspension arms. This came fronm a kit car so the escort engine mounts have been removed, 35 pounds. Located in Hampshire PO8 9TH
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted lhd jag xj6 rack & pinion, i know this is a big ask but someone must have one or know someone who has, going to swapmeet sunday and you never know your luck, at present running a sd1 rover rack but its sprung a leak, or does anybody know where i can get a new jag one,many thanks TIDDYTIME.
  7. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone have a guide for steering racks Eg total width, width between pivot points, main body width, amount of throw, lhd-rhd, power - non power and front or rear mounting ? Feel that something like this must be out there and if its not maybe we should get one sorted :tup:
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have no idea what it came out of but maybe Mustang. Offers please.
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    hi all after ford sierra power steering set up pump / rack / hose's / res
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    im looking for a rack to use the innards out of on my dart, i intend to make the housing from billet ali so i only need the internals, anything will help, if it all works i will invest in new internals but dont want to spend a fortune if i cant make it do what i want it to.
  11. Tech Discussion
    I need to cut an inch off each side or rack,is this straitforward ie cut then put another inch of thread on bar,any metal treatment involved
  12. Tech Discussion
    just need a steering rack 980mm wide - centre of track rod to centre of track rod , has to rear mount on a tube axle, car is right hand drive, or a good web site with steering rack dimensions:tup:
  13. Tech Discussion
    How do you got about converting the chevrolet front clip on me van that utilizes an absolutely knackered manual steering box bolted to the front crossmember to power steering rack.I havent a clue where to start previous owner mentioned going round the scrappy but what do you look for.?Would i...
  14. Tech Discussion
    Please ignor Granada question. I'd like to know the dimentions of a Sierra Steering rack, The important one is inner tie rod to inner tie rod ie; swively bit in the bellows to tother swively bit in the bellows, Many thanks Martin.
  15. Tech Discussion
    Can any body let me have the measurement from inner ball joint to inner ball joint of a Mk2 Grany rack please.
  16. Tech Discussion
    Im after a rack thats RHD which measures 28 inches (715mm) between the iner pivot point does anyone have any suggestions ?:tup:
  17. Stuff - FOR SALE
    steering rack believed to be off a vauxhall where steering arms connect in the middle comes with steering arms although they have been modified to fit on my 32 with a tube front with transit hubs. rack is in good working order although the rubber tube on end has been lost but i was going to put...
  18. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I'm selling this on behalf of a mate that's fitted a power rack. Manual steering rack in good, usable condition & comes with a pair of track rod ends, new gaiters & a Borgeson spline to smooth shaft adaptor so it'll be a piece of doddle to connect to a column, he wants £55 for it all. It's 5...
  19. On Topic
    Any idea's guys ?,i need an 86 XJS -LHD steering rack,i have drawn a blank so far,ive found a firm who will re-con me one,but obviously i need a doner,thanks in advance ,Bry
  20. Tech Discussion
    Another first for me! I need to narrow my MG Midget rack by about 70mm. The thing is I really want to narrow it 50mm/20mm instead of 35mm/35mm. As I know nothing about this stuff I'd like to know if there are any potential issues with narrowing one side more than the other apart from the...
1-20 of 25 Results