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  1. Tech Discussion
    6.5" tr6 steels will 670 x 15" crossplies fit? also will 205's radials fit? scimitar 5.5j" will 695 x 14" crossplies fit and what size radials are best? any opinions/ideas fellas :bigsmile:
  2. On Topic
    I'm thinking of trying to get a pair of sticky street legal tyres for my '69 Camaro around 25" tall & to fit on a 7" or 8" rim, as I need to get them to fit under my arches (the car's quite low & the tyres tuck up into the rear arches) What is the best type/make of drag radial tyre to go for...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted pair of used MT street radials 275/60 x 15 or similar ( but no bigger ) bit of a burnout & demo runs to do at Mallory Park. Call Simon 07950271044 Cheers ! :tup:
  4. Chat
    you go to love this.....
1-4 of 5 Results