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  1. Chat
    did you have a cb radio in the late 70s . the illegal am ones.would you like to find old c'bers ? maybe you could leave a message here with your handle and your area and note to find them.? any one remember channel 10 club .,beach breakers. zulu's ?? in east london E17 / Essex borders:beuj:
  2. Chat 87.7FM or even via your computer. Lots of rock and also specialist stuff at night. Johnny Diamond is particularly good as he plays a lot of Rock 'n' Roll. Give it a listen. It is all for charity. :tup: Hotrod Girl
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone got a spare ? not working is fine as I just want it to sit in the dash opening and look original . Thanks.
  4. Tech Discussion
    Anyone able to help? I've just had some work done on a car I bought and it meant disconnecting the battery. When I got the car back, the radio wont work. When I switch it on, it says on the display 'SAFE'. Any idea what I need to do?:?: The radio is a Vauxhall CDR500 and i have no paperwork and...
  5. Chat
    Hi All, Last night (Friday) Jack Rabbit Slim were live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. They were on the radio for approximately 40 mins, which consisted of an interview which was worked around 4 of their tracks from their new album, 2 tracks were played straight from the disc and the other 2 were...
  6. Chat
    Hi Guys and Gals I have just discovered Rockabilly Radio and it is so cool!! See you on the flip side. Hotrod Girl
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    As title - wanted an original radio delete plate for a 1955/56 Chevrolet 150/210 - not the stainless! I know.......... about as much chance as a pork chop in Jerusalem but gotta be worth a go.
  8. Chat
    This is for all you rockers and teddy`s out there I try to tune in most sats
  9. The Shelf
    The attched are pictures of some of the resin kits I have....and of course, the donor kits to go with them!! I'll get round to making them one day!! The blue 48 Ford is ahome made radio control car. I bought, for £4.99 a 1/25 scale radio control BMW after Christmas last year. Took it apart and...
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    radio out of 50/60,s car working or i only need it to cover hole in dash
  11. Chat
    How cool is this, being built in the Uk too
  12. Chat
    Has anyone got a list of radio codes for a Ford 6000 CD player please? Thanks in advance.
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    i need a chevy radio to fill the pre cut hole in my dash i only need the front, button,s etc so if it,s not working it,s no problem, the one in my truck may be from a tri chevy
1-13 of 13 Results