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  1. Tech Discussion
    how do how do i have a bonnet scoop on me tina gos direct to the carb and theres no deflecter plate inside yet but if i drive it in the rain ill get water in my filter then drop down to the carb what do you do and dont say dont drive in rain haha cound i make a clip on deflecter for the...
  2. On Topic
    heres to all of you that moan that its too wet outside to go out in the car they aint made of soap ya know they wont dissolve hahahaha :finger::tup::D
  3. Chat
    Bug Jam at the Pod, Weekend before last. This vid just about sums up a very muddy Pod with too much beer & gear. Dont worry.......the screen straightens out after about a minuate. Enjoy :tup:
1-3 of 3 Results