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    Nice to see the forum get a mention re one of its thread ( in the Swap meet write up ). :tup:
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    ok poeple, i think we should start an R&S meet&greet gatherings nationwide,( or do you all want to stay in the internet world) i am prepared to sort out a meet up to cover the south coast area (say kent to hampshire & up to surrey) , i dont have any experience in this but i do have the...
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    its not a moan but who do i contact over haveing not reaseved my t shirt orderd a month ago .the link to shop is not working.
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    just had a friend requiest via my p.m box from a new member juliebuffy any idea if this iffy or not SOUNDS A BIT DODGY TO ME:shake:
  5. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    sold chears r&s
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    hi everyone, now bear with me, i'am trying to find my father(yeah i know this isnt daytime tv). a mr geoffrey alan marriott, he will be in his late sixtys & originaly from hinckley,liec's. i have never met him & i'm in my fortys, so what i'am asking is if you could look in your phone...
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    Just 10 days and over 5000 views.. WOW!!! who'd of thought.. As well as being great fun,our jukebox is filling up nicely and if nothing else its certainly encouraged me to listen to a few things i otherwise may not have. Anyone not had a go yet, well come on in.. cheers all and here's to...
1-7 of 7 Results